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Environmental Crisis: Let’s Deal With The Problems Today!

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Environmental Crisis: Let’s Deal With The Problems Today!

The basic necessities required by humans to survive on Earth are many – food, water, air, etc. Amongst these, there is one more which doesn’t look like a daily necessity but is more important because it is the source of all others, our natural environment.

Imagine life on a barren stretch of land with only one tree to suffice the needs of survival? Certainly a chilling thought! And an even more chilling thought is that this basic necessity is depleting with each passing day. Global warming, Ozone depletion, air, water, land pollution, there are uncountable environmental changes which are causing great damage to the nature, a climate crisis.

What can be the possible causes behind such climate crisis?

When trying to consider the reasons that have caused innumerable, harmful climate changes, it saddens to know that the main causes of climate change are humans and their activities like:

  • Draining garbage into rivers
  • Release of harmful gases in the air
  • Excessive use of natural resources
  • Deforestation
  • Soil erosion
  • Excessive use of fertilisers and pesticides, and the list goes on...

Basically, if we jot them down into bigger categories of human causes of climate change, it is majorly because of industrialisation and urbanisation that our nature is experiencing a continuous depletion. Moreover, there are many natural causes of climate change as well which have collectively along with the human causes of climate change caused a lot of concern round the globe.

What can be the possible effects of climate change?

It’s very obvious that life on Earth will become a tragedy if the ecosystem degrades beyond limits. There will be disastrous affects on the health of humans, biodiversity will be at risk, economic deflation and what not! To survive on earth will become a very big question dry of answer. Since Earth is the home to each and every soul living on it, it becomes the duty of each one of us to protect our home, give it the love, care and concern we accord to ourselves so that its power of endlessly offering to the people, healing people remains intact, as this is the best cure for future.

What should we do as climate change solutions?

As responsible residents of Earth, we must ensure that there is minimal harm to our nature in what we do. Each one of us must act very responsibly in order to boost the results of climate change solutions. We must look into:

  • Sustainable management of resources
  • Conservation, restoration and improved management of land
  • Controlling emission of greenhouse gases
  • Conservation of forests as well as reforestation, etc.

On broad levels, government of countries and organisations along with climate activists are bringing in major initiatives to control effects of climate change on the environment. Time-to-time summits and conferences keep taking place globally to curb the impacts of climate change. But, it won’t come to effect until and unless each one of us do the best we can to control climate crisis. If we simply do not waste water, travel via pooling vehicles, maintain proper dumping of biodegradable and non-biodegradable wastes, save electricity, a lot can be achieved.

So, on this Environment Day, let’s pledge with Signature Hospital to do as much as we can to help our nature grow with us!

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