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Know the types, causes, and symptoms of epilepsy

| Neurology, Spine & Neuro Surgery
Know the types, causes, and symptoms of epilepsy

Information in our brain travels through billions of neurons, which are also called nerve cells. These nerve cells constantly transmit information from one point to another in our brain. Doctors can observe and asses these interactions with the help of modern medical equipment like an electroencephalogram (ECG).

Difference between Epilepsy and Seizures

A seizure is a single blockage between mind information transmissions, whereas epilepsy becomes a neurology condition that defines two or more information blockages in our mind.

When a sudden electrical disturbance causes uncontrolled behaviour in our physical and mental activities, is defined as Seizure.

On the other hand, Epilepsy is one of the most common neurological disorders that affect people of all ages. Epilepsy is a collaborative condition of multiple seizures at one time.

There are different types of Seizures and Epilepsy defined by doctors, mentioned below:

• Myoclonic Seizures

• Tonic and Clonic Seizures

• Focal Seizures & Focal Epilepsy

• Generalized Seizures

• Tonic-Clonic Seizures

• Benign Rolandic Epilepsy (Epilepsy in Children)

What are the symptoms of seizures?

Symptoms may be reported mild to severe, depending on the type of seizure. Seizure symptoms may include:

• A staring spell

• Temporary confusion

• Uncontrollable jerking activities of the arms and legs

• Cognitive or emotional symptoms such as fear, anxiety or déjà vu

Types of Seizures:

Doctors have generally categorized seizures into two categories; Focal or Generalized.

Focal Seizures

Focal seizures can happen with or without loss of consciousness. This type of seizure occurs due to abnormal electrical activity in the brain. Even focal seizure is divided into two categories:

Focal seizure with impaired awareness

You may start doing repetitive activities or may continuously stare into space. This condition makes a patient not responding to the normal environment.

Focal seizure without loss of consciousness

These types of seizures may impact the senses of emotions, smell, feel, taste, or sound, without losing consciousness.

Generalized Seizures

Types of seizures that may impact all the areas of the brain are called generalized seizures. Different types of generalized seizures may include:

• Tonic seizures

• Atonic seizures

• Clonic seizures

• Myoclonic seizures

• Tonic-clonic seizures

Causes of seizure

Epilepsy is one of the main causes of seizures. But many other things may cause the spell of seizures, which include:

• High fever for a long time

• Low blood sodium

• Stroke

• Lack of sleep

• Brain tumour

• Alcohol abuse

• Serious head injuries

• Use of illegal drugs

Time to see a doctor

You must seek medical help if you experience one or two of the following things:

• Repeat spells of seizure

• High fever

• If you are experiencing heat exhaustion

• Having diabetes

• If you are pregnant

• When consciousness doesn’t return after the seizure spell ends

To treat seizure problems, you can ask for the best neurologists at the neurology department of Signature hospital. The Signature hospital has appointed great Neurospine specialists to treat all the seizure and epilepsy conditions effectively.

The neurologists & spine specialists study each case carefully with the help of modern equipment and imaging machines, which helps them to treat the seizure disorders.

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